Binge-worthy Reads

The weather is cooling off outside and one of the fun things about changing seasons (or colder temperatures) is we who love reading have an excuse to binge read for the weekend. Here are some reads by a favourite author of mine: K. M. Shea. They’re older books, so the editing quality isn’t as strongContinue reading “Binge-worthy Reads”

Book Review: Puss in Boots -K. M. Shea

This is perhaps the only other fairly tale books I’ll ever read from K. M. Shea. I’m not a huge fan of fairy tale re-telling, which is something that is really feeling overdone. What I do like, however, is when an author manages to receive inspiration for a beloved classic and totally make it theirContinue reading “Book Review: Puss in Boots -K. M. Shea”

Book Review: Snow Queen -K. M. Shea

K.M. Shea is an author I follow and she’s always giving away books or free extras based on her books. When she sends out newsletters, they’re always engaging and includes creative reader-centered ways to make her ‘Champions’ (readers) a part of her writer process. Her stories are fun and light-hearted. They’re clean romance set inContinue reading “Book Review: Snow Queen -K. M. Shea”

Review: Court of Midnight & Deception by K. M. Shea

I just finished reading this trilogy by K. M. Shea. It is an offshoot trilogy from the Hall of Blood and Mercy set. The main character is half human and half fae. She lives in a city with a lot of magical creatures, but wants nothing to do with the fae, or more specifically, theContinue reading “Review: Court of Midnight & Deception by K. M. Shea”

Review: Hall of Blood and Mercy by K. M. Shea

The Hall of Blood and Mercy is an Urban Fantasy trilogy set in an American town inhabited by Magicians, Vampires, Werewolves, etc. It’s a fun and fast paced read with a loveable main character: Hazel. Hazel loses her place as the head of her magical house after the recent deaths of her parents and aContinue reading “Review: Hall of Blood and Mercy by K. M. Shea”