October News!

Welcome Community! Personal Anecdotes:Welcome to October! The weather the last few days has been very nice and perfect for getting out for some fall yard clean-up and walks. I confess I haven’t done much on the yard clean-up (yet), but I’ve been loving the nature walks. Do you enjoy fall weather? What’s your favorite part? I thinkContinue reading “October News!”

September News!

Welcome Community! Personal Anecdotes:August has been a very interesting month. First, foster updates. It was so much fun taking care of the cute little family and watching them grow. The mama, who went from ‘vampire-diva’, turned into more of a cuddle-bug, and on the morning I had to return her and her brood, she was sprawledContinue reading “September News!”

Mid-Month News

Personal Anecdotes:Usually April brings warmer temperatures and the start of spring. However, winter decided to return for another visit. And then another visit. When I lived in South Korea, they’d say, ‘winter is fighting with spring.’ Honestly, I don’t think winter is fighting. It’s down right acting like the house guest who refuses to leave. Continue reading “Mid-Month News”

Mid-Month News!

Welcome! Adventure Seekers News:Hey Community! I hope your April is going well. How is spring (for us in the northern hemisphere)? And fall (for those in the southern hemisphere)? Alright, here’s the news: The Original will be on sale for .99cents on Amazon until the end of the month, so grab your copy now! And pass thisContinue reading “Mid-Month News!”

March Newsletter

Welcome! Adventure Seeker I’ve given up! Sort of…. not really, but the snow fall records in the city where I live are leaning towards ridiculous. There’s just nowhere else to put the white fluff. The four steps leading to my front door are surpassed by the mounds. The snow lining my sidewalk and parking pad areContinue reading “March Newsletter”

New Release and Freebie!

After much waiting (on my part) I’m excited to announce that The Original has finally gone live on Amazon. It is available for the great price of $2.99 (U.S. dollars). Book Blurb Brie:All I want is to get to grandmother’s house, heal her and find out what really happened the night my parents were killed. But theContinue reading “New Release and Freebie!”