October News!

Welcome Community! Personal Anecdotes:Welcome to October! The weather the last few days has been very nice and perfect for getting out for some fall yard clean-up and walks. I confess I haven’t done much on the yard clean-up (yet), but I’ve been loving the nature walks. Do you enjoy fall weather? What’s your favorite part? I thinkContinue reading “October News!”

Time Pockets: Where Creativity and Productivity Thrive

We all seem to be fighting the clock, passage of time and responsibilities. What is the dream inside you wish you had time for? In today’s blog, find out about how to use hidden pockets of time to increase your creativity and productivity.

Review: Pawn by Karen Lynch

If you like urban fantasy, a touch of romance and a strong female lead, then you’ll love the start to this series. This is a recent release (May 2020), which I read a week ago and have been giving a lot of thought to this review. The main character, Jesse James (female), is human, butContinue reading “Review: Pawn by Karen Lynch”

Review: Hall of Blood and Mercy by K. M. Shea

The Hall of Blood and Mercy is an Urban Fantasy trilogy set in an American town inhabited by Magicians, Vampires, Werewolves, etc. It’s a fun and fast paced read with a loveable main character: Hazel. Hazel loses her place as the head of her magical house after the recent deaths of her parents and aContinue reading “Review: Hall of Blood and Mercy by K. M. Shea”

Some Inspiration Behind ‘Hidden’

It was a few years ago. I was hanging out with friends asking them for what they thought would be a good story idea when one member of the group suggested, ‘why don’t you write a story about a dragon and a drum?’ We’d just finished watching a local performance of traditional Japanese drumming, soContinue reading “Some Inspiration Behind ‘Hidden’”