Short Stories

The Twilight Realm

An Invitation This story is from Nix’s point of view. If you don’t like spoilers or you like to read stories in chronological order, this story is best read after book one, Twilight’s Curse and before book two, Twilight’s Child.

A Royal Pardon This story is written from Nate’s point of view. This is the story of how the Twilight Realm fell into the hands of the Regents.

The Original

Magic Lessons This story is part of The Original and takes place in September when Brie returns home. The elders have talked her into working with the teens and their magic. As a doctor, teaching doesn’t come naturally to her. New teacher. Teens with magic. What could possibly go wrong?


Sparks Fly All Riley wants to do is bake a batch of cookies but something unexpected happens.

Breaking Enchantments

Growth Spurt

North Wind’s Whisper

North Wind’s Whisper

A young girl fears the howling winter wind outside her room. When it wriggles through a crack into her room, what will she find?

The English Teacher’s Diaries

A New Chapter

This story was written for a weekly short story contest with Reedsy. The prompt was to create a world where currency wasn’t money. You can check out the post here. This story is told from Jacklyn’s point of view. Jacklyn is a minor character in a not-yet-published series I’ve been working on: The English Teacher’s Diaries.

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