Book Review: Snow Queen -K. M. Shea

Free Valentine Gift

This was perhaps one of the first books I read from K. M. Shea. I’m not one for fairy tale remakes and still don’t love them, but there was something about the main character and her journey that resonated with me. She had strength and kindness She was extremely power and despite poor treatment, she fought for her kingdom. This is a 2 part series, but the first book is free! Grab yours today and get your journey started.

K.M. Shea is an author I follow and she’s always giving away books or free extras based on her books. When she sends out newsletters, they’re always engaging and includes creative reader-centered ways to make her ‘Champions’ (readers) a part of her writer process. Her stories are fun and light-hearted. They’re clean romance set in a fantasy world and hard to put down.

(Picture created with Canva; Book cover retrieved from Amazon)

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