Review: Hall of Blood and Mercy by K. M. Shea

The Hall of Blood and Mercy is an Urban Fantasy trilogy set in an American town inhabited by Magicians, Vampires, Werewolves, etc. It’s a fun and fast paced read with a loveable main character: Hazel.

Hazel loses her place as the head of her magical house after the recent deaths of her parents and a usurping underling who thinks he’s better suited for the job. To survive, she teams up with the Drake family –vampires with a deadly reputation. The leader of this family, Killian Drake, takes her on as a special pet project and trains her to fight. He of course has his own agenda in his fight with the fae queen of the Night Realm and all Hazel wants is her house back but of course things never are that easy.

If you enjoy a light read with a touch of humour, a lovable main character and a spark of clean romance, then check it out on Amazon! From January 7th to 11th, the first book, Magic Forged is free and the second Magic Redeemed is only .99 cents!

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