Book Review: Puss in Boots -K. M. Shea

This is perhaps the only other fairly tale books I’ll ever read from K. M. Shea. I’m not a huge fan of fairy tale re-telling, which is something that is really feeling overdone. What I do like, however, is when an author manages to receive inspiration for a beloved classic and totally make it their own.

Puss in Boots is a story about a young woman who’s very beautiful but she’s trapped in a life she doesn’t want. She befriends or perhaps a cat wearing boots befriends her and soon they are on their way. Throughout the story, the hero learns that when she helps people, they don’t care about her appearance, but they care about her and this brings her a great deal of pleasure.

It’s a cute story, a quick read and comes to a satisfying ending. So if this sounds like something you’d like to read, head on over to amazon and start your adventure today.

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(Picture created with Canva)

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