Book Review: The Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center -by K. M. Shea

Do you like a bit of urban fantasy with a sweet but slightly sarcastic main character? This book by K. M. Shea was a fun read and is probably best for a teen audience or a young new adult as the series transitions from the main character as a high school student to an adult.

There’s a lot of creativity in this read and the author makes fun of the vampire/werewolf tropes that are so much a part of urban fantasy. This added to the delightful nature of the series.

The main character is a high school student who stumbles into the magical world and instead of wiping her memories of the experience, The Magical Beings Rehabilitation Center (MBRC) decide to use her as a resource. Soon her life is filled with the magical world and the magical are quite taken with their ‘first human friend’. This leads to a number of interesting plot events where the main character is determined to help improve the lives of the magical community.

So if you’re looking at trying out something by K. M. Shea and you want a light read, this series is currently on sale for .99cents on amazon’s major markets until May 1st. I would like to mention that the series was one of K. M. Shea’s earlier publications so it isn’t as clean as her more current novels. She is self-published, so perhaps she didn’t have the financial resources for an editor at the time. That being said, the writing is smooth and the endings are always satisfying.

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