Book Review -Centaur of the Crime -Michael Angel

I’ve seen this book series for a while and it’s intrigued me, so I decided it was time to check it out. I started with the first book in the series because I wasn’t sure if I’d like it not. The series interested because it has fantasy characters and a crime investigation. From the blurbContinue reading “Book Review -Centaur of the Crime -Michael Angel”

Book Review: The Watcher Academy -S. K. Gregory

Okay, I confess that I purchased this book simply because of the cover. The image made me smile and I thought the book would be humorous. The blurb sounded interesting and… was I disappointed? Yes and no. The story was amusing and the character was a bit charming. There were really enjoyable elements and theContinue reading “Book Review: The Watcher Academy -S. K. Gregory”

Book Review: The Merging -John P. Logsdon

Are you a fan of cop shows? Think urban fantasy/paranormal/speculative fiction mixed with a police show you enjoy and you have The Merging by John P. Logsdon. The story begins with a routine check-in with a vampire feeding on a human. Something the PPD (Paranormal Police Department) of Las Vegas frown on. It seems regularContinue reading “Book Review: The Merging -John P. Logsdon”

Book Review: Ready to Fumble -Christy Barritt

Imagine if your real life and imaginary life converged. What would that look like for you? And better yet, would you want to face that kind of life? In Ready to Fumble by Christy Barritt, the main character, Joey Darling, was a detective on a T. V. hit series in Hollywood. But when life tookContinue reading “Book Review: Ready to Fumble -Christy Barritt”

Book Review: Touched by Magic -Celine Jeanjean

What do you get when you have an Asian orphan raised by British parents who has a touch of magic? Celine Jeanjean’s urban fantasy series: Touched by Magic. Apiya works in a barber shop with pathetically weak magical skills (she’s able to encourage your surroundings to remain clean). She finds herself thrown into a brewingContinue reading “Book Review: Touched by Magic -Celine Jeanjean”

Book Review: Magical New Beginnings -Brenda Trim

Are you an older woman in your mid-life, approaching it or on the other side? Perhaps you’re experiencing an empty nest with adult kids going off to university or becoming more independent. This read might be for you! This book attracted me because it sounded different from the regular young twentyish female lead. I thoughtContinue reading “Book Review: Magical New Beginnings -Brenda Trim”

Book Review: Mind over Magic -Lindsay Buroker

A few weeks ago, a favorite author of mine, Lindsay Buroker, came out with a new series: A Witch in Wolf Wood. It was a bit different from most of her books, at least the ones I’ve read so far and a great starter to the series. At .99cents, I definitely encourage you to checkContinue reading “Book Review: Mind over Magic -Lindsay Buroker”

Book Review: Mythical Alliance -by Claire Luana

This book originally left me with mixed feelings. And it wasn’t until I spent a bit of time reflecting that I figured out I really liked the book. There was one feature I didn’t like and it is personal preference. The characters were fun and fairly believable. They felt real and well-balanced. The main characterContinue reading “Book Review: Mythical Alliance -by Claire Luana”

Book Review: Dragons of the Watch -by Donita K. Paul

I was first introduced to Donita K. Paul’s books quite a number of years ago when I stumbled into a book store and found a book in the clearance section. I gave the book a read and had to continue the series. That book, Dragon Quest, was the second book in the Dragon Keepers Chronicles.Continue reading “Book Review: Dragons of the Watch -by Donita K. Paul”

Book Review: Riptide: Lost Daughters of Atlantis Book 1 -By Allie Burton

Our main character, Pearl Poseidon, was raised as circus act due to her ability to breath underwater. But as a run-away teen she’s trying to make it on her own. Her underwater abilities threaten to expose her when she saves a drowning child and she finds that there are others just like her. It isContinue reading “Book Review: Riptide: Lost Daughters of Atlantis Book 1 -By Allie Burton”