Book Review: The Spoken Mage by Melanie Cellier

We all have our styles and tastes when it comes to books and genres. As you’ve probably guessed by now, I prefer fantasy, urban fantasy and a touch of clean romance. I used to be a lot more diverse in my reading, but time is precious (not in the Gollum-Lord of the Rings kind of way).

I’ve recently been reading this series: The Spoken Mage by Melanie Celllier and am on my third book. So far it is an enjoyable read meant for the YA fantasy crowd. The story keeps my attention with good conflict and tension. I want to know what will happen! The magic is interesting, creative and well explained.

The story line touches a bit on the Harry Potter idea of a poor girl who shouldn’t have magic but at the age when magic is meant to emerge, it does for her. She ends up in a special school for people with magic or mages as the book calls them. Initially no one likes her and she doesn’t seem to like anyone. While her reasons are sound, I do find her going a bit overboard and treating some people (a certain prince) harsher than she should when he really hasn’t done her any harm.

The love story developing is expected and she certainly becomes much more loveable as a character. There is a bit too much telling where showing or dialogue could have worked much better. But the stories are well put together and entertaining. And presently on sale for 0.99cents! so if this sounds like a read you might enjoy, hurry and get yours today on Amazon!

(Picture created with Canva; Book cover retrieved from Amazon)

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