Mid-Month News!

Welcome! Adventure Seekers News:Hey Community! I hope your April is going well. How is spring (for us in the northern hemisphere)? And fall (for those in the southern hemisphere)? Alright, here’s the news: The Original will be on sale for .99cents on Amazon until the end of the month, so grab your copy now! And pass thisContinue reading “Mid-Month News!”

Where Have You Been?

Hello fellow adventure seekers! Sorry there weren’t any blogs last week. I did notice a number of people checking-in and perhaps wondering why there weren’t the regular blogs. The simple reason is I needed a break as it is a busy season with my regular job. So thanks for checking in and this week, thereContinue reading “Where Have You Been?”

Pearls of Wisdom: Dealing with Criticism

A few months ago, I handed over a manuscript to my editor. I’d poured myself into this particular story. A few weeks later, the editor returned the piece and while he said he felt it was my best work, he was also highly critical in his comments. Now, I’m not talking about me being overlyContinue reading “Pearls of Wisdom: Dealing with Criticism”