Mid-Month News!

Welcome! Adventure Seekers

Hey Community! I hope your April is going well. How is spring (for us in the northern hemisphere)? And fall (for those in the southern hemisphere)?

Alright, here’s the news: The Original will be on sale for .99cents on Amazon until the end of the month, so grab your copy now! And pass this amazing news along to fans of urban fantasy, shifters and vampires.

The second exciting bit of news is a compilation of the short stories I’ve posted on my webpage. Right now they are with my editor, but soon you will receive a FREE copy. More news on this with my May newsletter, but I want you to be a part of this process.

So keep reading! 

A survey! Like them? Love them? Hate them? 

No worries. Hopefully this one’s a bit of fun. The survey is six questions and will take you about two minutes to complete. In this survey, you’ll help select the best cover for the collection of short stories. I’ve decided to call the collection: Trouble with Magic

You can check out the survey here: Survey. Thanks for your participation, and I look forward to seeing the results

And since we missed out with the April newsletter, here are the books on sale and free books (for newsletter signups). 

Epic Fantasy
Urban Fantasy (Available April 22nd – 27th) 

Free (newsletter signups):
Touch of Magic

Thanks for reading and being a part of the community. My next letter will be out in May. Stay connected by sending an email. It’s always great to hear from you. 

Wishing you the very best!
K. M. Wray

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