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Personal Anecdotes:
August has been a very interesting month. First, foster updates. It was so much fun taking care of the cute little family and watching them grow. The mama, who went from ‘vampire-diva’, turned into more of a cuddle-bug, and on the morning I had to return her and her brood, she was sprawled across my bed completely at rest! It took six weeks, but it was so much fun. Now they are ready to find their forever homes. I did go and visit her (the mama) at the Humane Society and she’s doing great. The director of foster and adoptions saw me there and talked me into taking in another bunch of kittens, so now I have three more and I’m having so much fun with them. They are a color ombre effect as one is black, the second is dark grey and the third is lighter grey with white feet. Absolutely adorable. I confess that part of my fun is that both my cats are shades of grey as well. At present, I’m calling the five of them my Shades! As a side note, I have an idea for a series that is still in the outline stage where animals will play a big part in those books. I think all this fostering will be some inspiration. 

On the job hunting side, I’ve been attending quite a few interviews, and boy is it interesting. Some places are really intense about the people they hire. I’ve had to do presentations, write out a response to scenarios, complete personality tests, and then there’s the regular Q&A period. My one big takeaway is learning about different companies. Today, I had my third interview with one company and honestly, I think they are really serious about making sure their hires are the right fit, but also that the candidate believes they are the right fit too. This really impresses me. I’m hoping for the position, but either way, I’ll have confidence that I am either the right person for the job or not. 

Have any of you gone through a job change in the last few years? I know there’s been a huge shift in the workforce with Covid, etc. I’d love to hear your stories and your journeys through a career change.  

Short Stories:
For a long time, I had a story idea I sat on that connected to my profession as an English teacher, and then in January of 2020, I wrote the first draft of the first manuscript: The English Teacher’s Diary -January. I’ve been working on the series over the years along with other writing projects. Book three is about half finished. Anyway, earlier this month I saw a prompt from Reedsy about a world where currency was not money. And what better place than The English Teacher’s Diary!!! So this month’s story is inspired by that writing prompt. You can check it out here: A New Chapter. It is told from Jacklyn’s point of view. She is a minor character in TETD -January, February, and March. Feel free to leave a comment, like it, or send an email. I’d love your thoughts. 

Survey Fun:
Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey last month. It was great to see some of your creative ideas. You truly are inspiring!  

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The REAL Magic is Within

Thanks for reading and being a part of the community. My next newsletter will be out in October. 

As always, stay connected by sending an email. It’s always great to hear from you. 

Wishing you the very best!
K. M. Wray

Land Acknowledge: I was born on Treaty 1 Territory and in a province that is the ancestral lands of the Anishinaabeg, Anishininewek, Dakota Oyate, Denesuline, and Nehothowik nations. Manitoba is the homeland of the Red River Metis. I acknowledge the past. There were horrors committed against the Indigenous nations of Canada. I accept that I have a responsibility to Truth and Reconciliation for this land. I have a responsibility to help heal the wounds of the past and move forward in a spirit of unity and peace. 

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