Book Review: The Merging -John P. Logsdon

Are you a fan of cop shows? Think urban fantasy/paranormal/speculative fiction mixed with a police show you enjoy and you have The Merging by John P. Logsdon.

The story begins with a routine check-in with a vampire feeding on a human. Something the PPD (Paranormal Police Department) of Las Vegas frown on. It seems regular enough until they’re attacked by a paranormal who’s too strong to take down. They have a case! Because it’s not one but many super naturals: vampire, werewolf and fairy who are wreaking havoc on a quiet Las Vegas night.

The story was a quick read that kept my attention. It was like experiencing the shift with the workers and the action was constant going from one paranormal mishap to the next. I wasn’t sure I fully understood the working of all the magic especially the lead character’s magic. He’s supposed to be special, but why he’s special wasn’t clear to me. Perhaps with future books this will make greater sense and the author reveals more of this world. The book itself is definitely episodic so each book in the series would center around solving a case (I presume).

Click this link to check out this read: The Merging

What do you think of this kind of urban fantasy read? Have you read other books like this?

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