Twilight’s Curse: Behind the Scenes -Zoe

Zoe was a character I loved writing. She had such depth and pain but also incredible strength. She was in a way a real hero because she faced her fears and came out stronger. I think this is the reality for all of us when fear comes knocking in our lives. There’s the tap at the door and our hearts begin to race as anxiety clutches as us. Will we be brave enough to move forward despite the fear? Or will we let it keep us a prisoner in our circumstances?

Deep questions and when I started writing Twilight’s Curse, I hadn’t planned on Zoe being such a deep character, but that’s the fun of writing: stories often go in directions we don’t always expect. I do spend a lot of time mapping out my novels, and my conclusions seldom change, but as the character is written, I learn so much more about them that brings in a lot of dimension and complexity.

When I first imagined Zoe, I had this picture in my mind of a girl who had tattoos of daggers on her forearms. They’d separate from her skin and solidify into weapons she’d fight with. I began to ask questions about who she was, how did she get her weapons, and why is she fighting… the brainstorming process was extensive, but Zoe and her world was born and it is my privilege to share it with the world. I hope you enjoy her journey and maybe she’ll inspire you!

What kind of characters do you find the most inspiring? Is there a character that seemed to come alive on the pages of a book? I’d love to hear about these adventures.

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(Picture created with Canva)

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