Book Review: Ready to Fumble -Christy Barritt

Imagine if your real life and imaginary life converged. What would that look like for you? And better yet, would you want to face that kind of life?

In Ready to Fumble by Christy Barritt, the main character, Joey Darling, was a detective on a T. V. hit series in Hollywood. But when life took a turn, she found herself in a beachside sleepy town making a living as a hair dresser Accepting her situation, Joey wonders if she even has what it takes to cut hair since her last cut left the town’s detective with a crooked edge. Then someone walks in who recognizes her as her T.V. alter-ego and offers Joey a case. She’s not sure she wants the job but the money is good and it wouldn’t hurt to sneak around… right?

The story is a sweet read that kept my attention. It was light and not my usual fantasy genre, but I do like to dip into other genres once in a while. NOTE: this is a cozy mystery with a touch of romance though nothing happens in this book. There’s just two guys: one who scowls and one who’s a laid-back surfer with magic fingers (masseuse).

I’ve read Christy Barritt before and I might continue with the series if I’m in a ‘mystery’ mood. She’s a great writer who adds humor to her stories. Her books are clean reads and come to satisfying conclusions.

Click this link to check out this book:

Ready to Fumble

So do you like the odd mystery book? Do you like the odd scare or prefer the sweet cozy mystery? Who are some of the authors you like to read?

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