Book Review: Touched by Magic -Celine Jeanjean

What do you get when you have an Asian orphan raised by British parents who has a touch of magic? Celine Jeanjean’s urban fantasy series: Touched by Magic.

Apiya works in a barber shop with pathetically weak magical skills (she’s able to encourage your surroundings to remain clean). She finds herself thrown into a brewing war between those who have strong magic and regular old non-magical humans. (Apiya is human but has a ‘touch’ of magic.) She must face stronger and far more magical creatures than herself to protect the egg of a very strong but dwindling magical race.

The story is interesting and fun. I found it hard to put the story down as I was curious about what would happen next. I liked the main character and her bit of ‘snark’. It added humor to the story and made her likeable.

I also enjoyed the Asian world or background Celine Jeanjean set Apiya’s world in. It was a nice twist from the regular American or UK setting. It felt like discovering a whole new fantasy world with familiar and new fantasy characters/creatures.

I did find there were a few plot holes. They weren’t major. They mostly felt like the author assumed the reader would know something about the world she created. I could read the story without this being a major issue, but it did leave me wondering (only a little). I do plan on reading more by this author and in this series.

Check out this read by clicking the following link:

Touched by Magic

Side note: There are three books from a completed series from this author set at ‘free’, so check them out here:

The Viper and The Urchin Books 1-3

What is your favorite part of fantasy novel? What draws you in about the magic? Or character?

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