Twilight’s Curse: Behind the Scenes -Nix

Prince Phoenix or Nix witnessed the murders of his parents and he has no desire to take the crown, and is challenged to accept the role as the only means to save the Twilight Realm. Will he step up? Or step away? You’ll have to read to find out.

Nix’s character grew up in obscurity and meets the beautiful woman of his dreams . If you think that sounds like a bad pick-up line, then Nix agrees. But he literally had a dream where a beautiful woman tells him she’ll help him and then he finds her! One small snag, she has no desire to help him and keeps threatening him with her daggers. Will he be able to win her over? Get her to help him? And discover if there’s room for friendship and maybe more?

Nix was a fun character to write. He struggled with his identity and what that means for himself and the Twilight Realm. Because he’d seen his parents brutally murdered and grew up without parents, he feels unprepared to be king and doesn’t want to be in a role that might cost someone else their life. He stubbornly refuses the help of others and ends up getting himself into a worse mess. I liked the depth of his inner conflict because it felt real and something all of us can face at times: We’re afraid to move forward because of what it might mean due to ghosts of our past.

Is there a character who has faced ghosts they had to overcome to find their future? I’d love to hear about it. What kind of characters or struggles characters face do you find relatable?

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(Picture created with Canva)

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