Book Review: Magical New Beginnings -Brenda Trim

Are you an older woman in your mid-life, approaching it or on the other side? Perhaps you’re experiencing an empty nest with adult kids going off to university or becoming more independent. This read might be for you!

This book attracted me because it sounded different from the regular young twentyish female lead. I thought it’d be fun to read about a middle-aged woman taking on the world because let’s face, women in the thirties, forties and fifties are amazing in all they do in this world.

Back to the review. The book didn’t fully disappoint. I liked how the story was set in a small country village. It felt cozy and the community felt tight-knit. The main character, upon arriving at her grandmother’s estate, learns that she has magical abilities and she’s very strong. It’s why she was taken from this magical community when she was young.

While the story was sweet and a nice diversion, I found the main character a bit unbelievable. I don’t think the author really knows what a forty-year-old is like because no forty-year-old I know of seems so… old. The character feels like a geriatric in someone who is middle-aged, so that doesn’t fit. There were a few areas of the story that left questions, so maybe those answers will come with future books in the series. At present I’m not sure I’ll continue in the series but mostly because (as you’ve heard me say before), I like to know how long a series is before committing.

Check out the link here for the book:

Magical New Beginnings

So what do you think of middle-age heroines? Is anyone ever too old to be a hero? Or should the role of ‘hero’ be left to the young? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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