Freebies and Sales!

Greetings fellow adventurers! We are bound by our common love of a good book, and as you know, I often give book reviews or make you aware of discounted books, sales etc. Something new I’ll be adding to my blog is Freebies and Sales!

To clarify, Freebies are books (ebooks) gifted by authors for newsletter sign-ups. Sales are ebooks authors are advertising. Some are on sale and some are at their regular price. So check out the links below and the amazing offers available.

Freebies (newsletter sign-ups)

Free Urban Fantasy

Portal to Fantasy -November Free Books

We Love Magical Reads

We Love Magical Reads: November

(NOTE: yes, there are 2 with the same name)


Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Adventure Books

Kindle Unlimited Fantasy Books

Portal to Fantasy – November Book Fest

November Book Review

Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Autumn Escape

Let me know what you think of the reads. Did you find a new favorite author? What are some of your favorite reads or styles of books?

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