Twilight’s Curse: Behind the Scenes -the brownies

Imagine if such creatures existed who could enter your home, clean your house, prepare your meals and not ask for a thing in return. Do such creatures exist? They do in fantasy!

The brownies are creatures of myth and fantasy. They are secretive and seldom reveal themselves to humans, but you always know they’ve been there because your home is clean and things are taken care of. I don’t know how the creatures came about or how they got the name of the delicious dessert! but after first reading about them, I knew they’d find their way into my writing.

In Twilight’s Curse, the brownies are first seen in the royal tree and then Nate’s tree. They are mostly housekeepers, about the size of an 8-10 year old child and are quite pleasant in beings. There were a few characteristics I brought forward in this book: their secretive natures and their nurture.

Despite Zoe, female lead, having lived with the brownies for a number of years, she still knows very little about them and their history. When she asks questions, Cocoa, the head brownie, shows a little irritation about being asked about things that are secrets to brownies. It gives the loving creatures a bit of mystery and charm because you don’t quite know what they’ll do next or even what they’re capable of and that leaves lots of room for the unexpected.

The second characteristic I focused on was the brownies nurturing ability. They’re sweet and loving creatures who mostly take care of the orphaned children Zoe brings to Nate’s home. But they also have a powerful mother bear type magic that’s tied to their nurture which saves Zoe in fight. As Cocoa is known for saying, ‘never underestimate the power of nurture.’

What kind of creatures do you like in your fantasy reads? Do know of some unique beings with unusual magic? I’d love to hear about them.

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