Review: “Death Before Dragons” by Lindsay Buroker

Death before Dragons is an enjoyable read with a cast of memorable characters, incredible world building and with enough realism that makes me believe the world is still going on despite the novel being over.

If you love urban fantasy with a strong female, dragons, magical creatures, realms, a talking tiger, mysteries to solve, then I recommend this series as one to get lost in.

I don’t usually stick with a series for so long since I find they tend to lose focus. But Lindsay Buroker has kept the story well connected and flowing. In my opinion, each book has only gotten better.

The main character, Val, is half-elf/half-human and is an assassin hired by the US government to deal with ‘people’ from the various realms bent on illegal activities and nefarious plots against humanity. She crosses paths with a dragon (on more than one occasion) and sparks fly.

Check out the series today on Amazon. There are 9 books (the last one coming out on February 12, 2021) and a prequel novella. You can also find the first two audio book on YouTube!

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