Book Review: Magical New Beginnings -Brenda Trim

Are you an older woman in your mid-life, approaching it or on the other side? Perhaps you’re experiencing an empty nest with adult kids going off to university or becoming more independent. This read might be for you! This book attracted me because it sounded different from the regular young twentyish female lead. I thoughtContinue reading “Book Review: Magical New Beginnings -Brenda Trim”

Freebies and Sales!

Greetings fellow adventurers! We are bound by our common love of a good book, and as you know, I often give book reviews or make you aware of discounted books, sales etc. Something new I’ll be adding to my blog is Freebies and Sales! To clarify, Freebies are books (ebooks) gifted by authors for newsletterContinue reading “Freebies and Sales!”

Twilight’s Curse: Behind the Scenes -the brownies

Imagine if such creatures existed who could enter your home, clean your house, prepare your meals and not ask for a thing in return. Do such creatures exist? They do in fantasy! The brownies are creatures of myth and fantasy. They are secretive and seldom reveal themselves to humans, but you always know they’ve beenContinue reading “Twilight’s Curse: Behind the Scenes -the brownies”

Book Review: Mind over Magic -Lindsay Buroker

A few weeks ago, a favorite author of mine, Lindsay Buroker, came out with a new series: A Witch in Wolf Wood. It was a bit different from most of her books, at least the ones I’ve read so far and a great starter to the series. At .99cents, I definitely encourage you to checkContinue reading “Book Review: Mind over Magic -Lindsay Buroker”

Binge-worthy Reads

The weather is cooling off outside and one of the fun things about changing seasons (or colder temperatures) is we who love reading have an excuse to binge read for the weekend. Here are some reads by a favourite author of mine: K. M. Shea. They’re older books, so the editing quality isn’t as strongContinue reading “Binge-worthy Reads”

Feedback: Working with Editors

Every writer, at some point, needs to work with an editor. And any experienced author knows the importance of doing this before publishing their book. While not all my experiences with editors has been good, I have been fortunate to find some pretty amazing people who care about my work and my voice as anContinue reading “Feedback: Working with Editors”

Book Review: Mythical Alliance -by Claire Luana

This book originally left me with mixed feelings. And it wasn’t until I spent a bit of time reflecting that I figured out I really liked the book. There was one feature I didn’t like and it is personal preference. The characters were fun and fairly believable. They felt real and well-balanced. The main characterContinue reading “Book Review: Mythical Alliance -by Claire Luana”

Memorable Characters and Why We Love Them

Imagine with me for a moment. You open a new book and read the first few lines. The story pulls you in and soon you’re lost. You can’t put the book down. The main character just captivates you and you are compelled to find out how their journey ends! Ever experience this? If you loveContinue reading “Memorable Characters and Why We Love Them”