Freebies and Sales!

Greetings fellow adventurers! We are bound by our common love of a good book, and as you know, I often give book reviews or make you aware of discounted books, sales etc. Something new I’ll be adding to my blog is Freebies and Sales! To clarify, Freebies are books (ebooks) gifted by authors for newsletterContinue reading “Freebies and Sales!”

Story Telling

So when a writer sits down to pen a tale, do they intentionally try to teach a lesson? That’s a great question and I’ve noticed that some people seem to think this. I think this reflects the power of a good story. As an author, I can honestly say that I’ve never written a storyContinue reading “Story Telling”

Brainstorming: The First Step to Writing Your Book

Do you have a creative idea you’d like to turn into a novel but aren’t sure of the first steps today? That’s totally understandable. The biggest first step is to explore your idea and something that helps me the most is to ask questions. Usually a story idea begins with something that inspires us. WhatContinue reading “Brainstorming: The First Step to Writing Your Book”

Book Review: The Merging -John P. Logsdon

Are you a fan of cop shows? Think urban fantasy/paranormal/speculative fiction mixed with a police show you enjoy and you have The Merging by John P. Logsdon. The story begins with a routine check-in with a vampire feeding on a human. Something the PPD (Paranormal Police Department) of Las Vegas frown on. It seems regularContinue reading “Book Review: The Merging -John P. Logsdon”

Twilight’s Curse: Behind the Scenes -Zoe

Zoe was a character I loved writing. She had such depth and pain but also incredible strength. She was in a way a real hero because she faced her fears and came out stronger. I think this is the reality for all of us when fear comes knocking in our lives. There’s the tap atContinue reading “Twilight’s Curse: Behind the Scenes -Zoe”

Book Review: Ready to Fumble -Christy Barritt

Imagine if your real life and imaginary life converged. What would that look like for you? And better yet, would you want to face that kind of life? In Ready to Fumble by Christy Barritt, the main character, Joey Darling, was a detective on a T. V. hit series in Hollywood. But when life tookContinue reading “Book Review: Ready to Fumble -Christy Barritt”

ebook Sales!!!

Greetings fellow adventurers! Below are some amazing fantasy and sci-fi reads on sale now. Since we love fantasy and sci-fi, I thought these selections might interest you. Check them out for a fun binge read. Sales Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Adventure Books Kindle Unlimited Fantasy Books Portal to Fantasy – November Book Fest November Book ReviewContinue reading “ebook Sales!!!”

Twilight’s Curse: Behind the Scenes -Nix

Prince Phoenix or Nix witnessed the murders of his parents and he has no desire to take the crown, and is challenged to accept the role as the only means to save the Twilight Realm. Will he step up? Or step away? You’ll have to read to find out. Nix’s character grew up in obscurityContinue reading “Twilight’s Curse: Behind the Scenes -Nix”

Book Review: Touched by Magic -Celine Jeanjean

What do you get when you have an Asian orphan raised by British parents who has a touch of magic? Celine Jeanjean’s urban fantasy series: Touched by Magic. Apiya works in a barber shop with pathetically weak magical skills (she’s able to encourage your surroundings to remain clean). She finds herself thrown into a brewingContinue reading “Book Review: Touched by Magic -Celine Jeanjean”

Twilight’s Curse: Behind the Scenes -Royal Advisor Nate

Every good fantasy book isn’t complete without the mentor! In Twilight’s Curse, Nate, Royal Advisor to the king, has held this role for as long as… well you won’t quite know until you’ve read all three books in the series and I’m not planning to tell you. Not yet, anyway. Nate first comes on toContinue reading “Twilight’s Curse: Behind the Scenes -Royal Advisor Nate”