New Release and Freebie!

After much waiting (on my part) I’m excited to announce that The Original has finally gone live on Amazon. It is available for the great price of $2.99 (U.S. dollars).

Book Blurb

All I want is to get to grandmother’s house, heal her and find out what really happened the night my parents were killed.

But the elders refuse to let me leave the small town where our tribe lives. My magic is stronger than the rest of our people. This makes the elders protective. They believe there are monsters out there that hunt our kind. And if I leave, the monsters will find me and kill me like they did my parents. Myth and fairy tales if you ask me. And I’m tired of the stories.

So I make a plan. It’s a good plan. A simple plan. And then I meet him. And his kind.

I think I should have listened to the elders.

Why should I care about weak pathetic humans? Yet I do.

It started the day I met the unicorn shifter centuries ago. She offered a chance to restore my humanity, but I wasn’t ready. Something happened to my blood thirst that day and I haven’t drunk from a human since.

And then today, Brie wanders into vampire territory. She’s more human than shifter with a flicker of magic. Such a disgrace to what her clan once was.

My cousin and his family thirst for her blood. My former lover clings to the hope of rekindling what we once were. And I’m stuck with this crazy compulsion to save Brie.

I shouldn’t care. But I do.

The Original a new adult urban fantasy. A fast-paced read full of vampires, a unicorn shifter, magic and a touch of clean romance.

And to celebrateHidden, will be offered as a free give-a-way from Thursday, December 23rd (TODAY) to Monday, December 27! FIVE DAYS. So snag your copy. If you’ve already bought a copy, then make sure to let others know who might like the book or a free gift. 

That’s all from me for now. I can’t wait to hear from you and what you think about this latest book. And don’t forget to leave an honest and positive review that’ll help sell more books!

Thanks for being an awesome community during 2021 and joining me this year for this adventure

Wishing you the best!
K. M. Wray 

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