Book Review: Mythical Alliance -by Claire Luana

This book originally left me with mixed feelings. And it wasn’t until I spent a bit of time reflecting that I figured out I really liked the book. There was one feature I didn’t like and it is personal preference.

The characters were fun and fairly believable. They felt real and well-balanced. The main character was fun and you experienced her growth. The love interest wasn’t rushed and while a bit of an ‘instant attraction’ that is common in a lot of fantasy, there was an element of slow burn. You know the two will end up together and the journey will be an enjoyable read. I expect in the coming books we’ll see lots of them working together and getting to know each other amidst the building of their relationship.

Second , I liked the plot and pacing. The story didn’t feel rushed and there was a nice balance or mixture of the author’s use of tension and conflict used in the story to keep the reader interested. The author did a great job of building curiosity while unfolding the story. It was a bit like a mystery with clues that lead to the next clue. There was a bit of fighting and wondering how the main character will get herself out of the next sticky situation.

Third, I liked the story and I look forward to read more. It had a complete ending though in the future books, the author had forewarned that cliff-hangers will happen. That the series is finished the author’s consideration in letting her readers know this is further incentive to continue the series.

So after a bit of consideration, what didn’t I like? It’s simple and when I realized it, I laughed. The main character tends to swear quite a bit. The author’s overuse of the f-bomb looses it’s power and honesty makes the main character feel a bit like she has a potty mouth. While it’s expected that characters may swear in adult books, there is the hope that when it’s used, it’s well placed and effective. If I continue with the series, I hope the author focuses more on her amazing writing and a bit less on fitting the f-bomb into every verbal exchange and emotional reaction.

Thanks for the great read, Claire Luana.

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