Book Review: Riptide: Lost Daughters of Atlantis Book 1 -By Allie Burton

Our main character, Pearl Poseidon, was raised as circus act due to her ability to breath underwater. But as a run-away teen she’s trying to make it on her own. Her underwater abilities threaten to expose her when she saves a drowning child and she finds that there are others just like her.

It is an energetic read that held my interest. The main character and her love interest’s connection didn’t really make sense. She was really mean to him and it felt kind of forced or like the author was trying to bring the characters together but create tension at the same time. The plot was good but did feel a bit jumpy due to a lot of flashbacks to justify Pearl’s abilities. It might have been better to have a prologue that established Pearl’s abilities the night she ran away. As for Pearl, she was a conflicted character with secrets who’s discovering secrets and when she does find out… she went from, ‘nope not possible’ to suddenly not only accepting her new reality but acting according to her role.


I wouldn’t say I hated the book because I didn’t. However, it’d be hard to say I loved it. It’s okay and I think it suits a teenage audience who would appreciate the read. It’s a clean romance and the main character does draw the reader’s empathy. It’s a light read that hold the reader’s attention and is good for a relaxing afternoon. And it’s perm free on Amazon, so give it a try and perhaps you might find a new author who appeals to you or a teen in your life.

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