Book Review: Life Bound -Aubrey Winters

Are you feeling a bit tired of the vampire trope? Or does it still interest you. I have to admit, there is something that is still appealing about vampires and many authors are generating their own spin: villain, tortured soul or well-mannered contributing member of society with a ‘special diet’.

The book, Life Bound by Aubrey Winters, takes a bit of a different spin where the vampires are sort of ‘all of the above’ and a bit more as they are divided into various factions. The main character, a human who doesn’t know she’s part of the shadows or they mythical/magical community, is life bound to the oldest vampire alive. The two are forced to travel together on a quest to find a disappearing grandmother.

It’s an interesting read with a second book, which I look forward to reading (soon). The plot was well paced with a few interesting twists and turn. It was also a clean read and the relationships between the main character and the vampire was fairly well done. There were road trips, fighting and a bit of a slow burn romance developing.

I did find it a bit tiring that every time something happened the main character and the vampire were drinking each others blood. That was overdone and became a predictable pattern. Also, the book did end on a bit of a cliff hanger, which I don’t like. Normally I wouldn’t continue a book that ends this way, but since it’s only a duology that’s already complete, I’d like to give a try. Plus it looks like Aubrey Winters is a new self-published author, so it’s always good to show support! I look forward to more entertaining reads as her writing abilities continue to develop.

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