Book Review: Primordial Earth -Baileigh Higgins

Think Jurassic Park but you’ve been transported back in time and you’re stuck.

This was my first time reading a book from this author. I was pleasantly surprised. The story had good suspense and I was constantly wondering what would happen next. I had to put the book down for things like work, but even then my thoughts were gravitating towards, ‘I need to know…’

The main character, Rogue, was part of an event in history that split the modern world with the prehistoric world and she ended up as part of dino history. The city Rogue lives in is led by a corrupt leader and it is believed that the citizens are safe as long as they live behind the walls surrounding the city. But things aren’t so simple for our main character who finds herself exiled and fighting for survival.

It was a fast-paced entertaining read. The book finishes well with a hint of more to come. The overall writing is fairly solid. And I look forward to the second book though by the looks of it, the author has a habit of writing series that go one for quite a while, so I might wait before purchasing more in the series.

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