Book Review: Phoenix Born (Jacob Graves Book 1) -Sean Stone

Free for 4-5 days!

-Sean Stone

This is an interesting new series with a hero that kind of isn’t a hero. Jacob Graves owns a night club, is secretly in love with the woman who manages his night club and has some magic that gives him an edge. But he likes to stay below the radar of the magical and Dorian Grey, the real uh person in charge of his city.

Oh, and did I mention that he gets his real source of income as an assassin? But he’s the good kind who only kills bad guys. Unfortunately for Jacob, he’s met his match in his next mark. Jacob Graves kills the guy, but he has this irritating habit of coming back to life. Say what now? You’ll have to read the book to find out more. (And I did mention it’s for free on Amazon for a few days only, so get it while it’s hot!)

The novel is well put together and the promise of the love interest gives a bit of mystery. The book has a good pace that keeps you reading and invested in the story.

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(Picture created with Canva) (Book cover retrieved from Amazon)

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