Review: Fairy World M.D. -Tamara Grantham

This was an unexpected find that I had to finish! A while back I found the first book in the series for free on Amazon and had to keep reading the series.

The main character, Olive Kennedy, is a strong character who is dedicated to those she cares about and struggles with being a part of both the human and fairy world. As a psychologist, she helps humans who have stumbled into the fairy world and need help processing it. But her life often takes her into the fairy world where she ends up on a quest, finds loves and has to rescue those most important to her. She is a very likeable character who is easily relatable. And in the end when all the battles are finally over, she finds herself where she’s longed to be. (No spoilers)

I liked the mix of urban fantasy with fantasy in this book as the stories took place in both the human realm and the fairy world. There were some parts that felt a little underdeveloped but those tended to be lesser plot threads that didn’t harm the over all story, but it did leave me wondering why they were mentioned or what the purpose was. But no harm to the overall story line or satisfying ending.

If you’re looking for a strong female character and a great supporting cast, then I encourage you to check out this series! (The first box set is cheaper that the first book on Amazon!)

Fairy World M.D., Boxed Set One (The Olive Kennedy Fantasy Romance Series Book 1) by [Tamara Grantham]

(Picture at the top created with Canva; book cover retrieved from Amazon)

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