Behind the Scenes: Haley

Haley is another loveable character in the story. In size and stature, she’s similar to Tully, and has befriended Tully.

Throughout the story, Haley has a knack for going where she shouldn’t and asking questions others won’t. She seems a little fearless in her childhood innocents, or does she see more, know more but lacks the fear others have. Hmmmm… good questions.

Haley is a bit of a mystery and I like her that way. But as the author, I think she is a bit of both. Her childhood innocents certainly gives her the curiosity and wonder of the world around her that other Kellans have lost. Kellans don’t allow questions, but Haley asks them!

Haley is also a bit fearless when she trails after Tully. One would think, where are her parents, but they’re caught up in their own grief and take little notice of their daughter. Perhaps this is the reason Haley has a touch of maturity and a bit of an old soul-she sees what others don’t.

If these were your thoughts on Haley, then we’re in good company. Perhaps one day, if I write more in this world, Haley might get her own story!

But for now, let me know your thoughts on Tully’s young friend.

(Picture created with Canva)

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