Behind the Scenes: Bain

When working on the outline of Hidden, a well-loved character-Bain-wasn’t a part of the original plan. It wasn’t until I wrote the first paragraph of the first draft (Chapter Four -See previous blog) and I wrote Bain’s name that I suddenly knew who this character was and what role he’d play in the main character’s life.

Bain was a Lirrian-a magical race-who’d raised the barrier around the Kellan Lowlands as a young man. He wanted to help the Kellans, but his motives weren’t completely honorable. He wanted the fee for his services and he didn’t check the whole story before agreeing to the task. The result? Trapped behind the barrier and separated from his family!

Bain was a surprising character for me to write about and originally I thought he might cause further evil, but the more I wrote him into the story, the more he seemed to resonate with that part in all of us that regrets a past mistake, something we’d like to right but can’t. However, when given a chance, even in a supportive role, Bain throws himself into the task and finds his redemption in the end.

I won’t give away spoilers but throughout the story he stands out from the rest of the Kellan people and is a faithful friend to Tully. When he learns of her identity, he does everything he can to protect her and it sets him on his path to setting things right, but not before facing his own enemy and fears.

Let me know your thoughts on Bain.

(Picture created with Canva)

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