When You’re Ready…

Very often in life, I’ve heard people use this expression in regards to trying something new. And for a while, I used it as well. My opinion, however, is shifting.

I used to think that people would work hard and then one day they’d be ‘ready’ for whatever it was they were aiming for. Yet life has consistently shown that no matter how much preparation or time passes, one is never truly ‘ready’ until they begin.

So does this mean we should all drop what we’re doing, stop studying or learning and just dive right in? No! But starting takes time and we’ll never learn enough to actually be ‘ready’ to finally start. I like to look at it as both theoretical and practical learning, which work the best when applied simultaneously. Part of the journey and becoming successful in whatever is in our hearts to do, is continually learning, being dedicated, trying or experimenting, and choosing to not give up.

My friends, we’ll never be ‘ready’ to begin, but beginnings are always ‘ready’ for us. So whatever is on your heart, whatever you want to see different about this year, get started, take that first step, learn something new, and don’t give up.

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