Feedback: Working with Editors

Every writer, at some point, needs to work with an editor. And any experienced author knows the importance of doing this before publishing their book. While not all my experiences with editors has been good, I have been fortunate to find some pretty amazing people who care about my work and my voice as anContinue reading “Feedback: Working with Editors”

The Writing Process: Outlining

Now that all our disjointed ideas are starting to take shape, it’s time to take one more step before typing that first riveting sentence of our first draft! Again for anyone writer who might say, I don’t plot! I fully hear you. I tried plotting when I wrote my first few manuscript attempts and spentContinue reading “The Writing Process: Outlining”

Writer’s Toolkit

A number of years ago, I made the decision to write and publish independently of a publishing house. There are certainly a lot of opinions out there, but perhaps the biggest reason I made this decision was because I wanted to keep creative control over my own work, it was my name on the coverContinue reading “Writer’s Toolkit”