March Newsletter

Welcome! Adventure Seeker

I’ve given up! Sort of…. not really, but the snow fall records in the city where I live are leaning towards ridiculous. There’s just nowhere else to put the white fluff. The four steps leading to my front door are surpassed by the mounds. The snow lining my sidewalk and parking pad are taller than me! (I’m 5 feet 2 inches or 157 centimeters). And so this past week when shoveling, I had to jump to throw the snow over the frozen hills on my property. Good times!

But I haven’t really given up. I’m having fun because all this reminds me of my childhood and the joy winter brought. Fun Fact: the children of this winter can one day truthfully say, ‘I walked to school in 6 feet / 2 meters of snow in -40 degrees during a pandemic!” when their kids complain about winter or having to walk through snow. 

On the writing front, Twilight’s Spy (book 1.5) and Twilight’s Princess (book 2) in the Twilight Realm series are moving along nicely towards the expected spring release dates. The third book in the series, should be ready by the fall. The first draft is written but needs a lot of re-working before sending it to the editor. I’m also working on more books in The Original series and am planning to start writing them soon though they most likely won’t be released until 2023. But one never knows, schedules are always being interrupted and changed. The exciting news is more of what you love is coming soon!

Short Stories:
Check out this month’s story:

Sparks Fly This story is part of Hidden though it takes place after the book is finished with the shy and sweet niece of Declan. All Riley wants to do is bake a cake but something unexpected destroys her kitchen. 

Book Sales and Freebies:
Here are this month’s Sales and Freebies (for newsletter sign-ups). Check them out, come back for more and feel free to share the links. The participating authors and I will love you even more for spreading our books around!

Too Good to Miss
Fae Fantasy Romance
Portal to Fantasy Presents

Freebies (Newsletter sign-ups):
Portal to Fantasy Presents
Free Sci-Fi and Fantasy

I hope you find some great reads and some amazing new authors to connect with! 

Check Them Out:
(ALL available on KU)

Hidden A story of discovery filled with a complex cast of friends and family who support Tully on her journey. The plot and world-building are expertly woven together. The world itself has multiple cultures and traditions that are intricate and well thought-out yet flow seamlessly with the narrative.

Twilight’s Curse Book one in the Twilight Realm trilogy. A spell binding young adult fantasy adventure novel filled with elves, dragons, magic, action, drama, and battle scenes. It embraces the meaning of power and magic held in an enchanting elven realm. The well-written story is uniquely captivating with strong world building, and characters that come to life.

The Original A new adult urban fantasy. A fast-paced read full of vampires, unicorn shifters and magic.

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