Bored and Uninspired

Let’s face it, this pandemic has lasted longer than most of us have imagined and it’ll be with us for a while left. It has changed our lives in both positive and challenging ways.

When the pandemic first hit, the newness of it was kind of fun. We get to work from home, there’s more time for writing and spending time with our families as well as other activities we enjoy. And while the world is on hold… life did carry on. Now it’s been well over a year and even in lockdown, social distancing, isolation (whatever word you use) the Boredom has come over for a visit along with her friend Uninspired.

Have you been feeling it? I’ve noticed it in my life and despite our third lockdown with heavy restrictions in my city, I’ve had to be creative in finding some solutions. Usually a step away from the norm helps, but this time around, even that was difficult due to having to remain at home. So what did I do?

I moved furniture. No kidding. Often it helps to see something different and change one’s location when feeling uninspired. So I decided that if I couldn’t change my location, I’d change how I saw my home and moved my furniture around. Walking into the various rooms in my home and seeing them with a different set-up helped.

I tackled some chores. Last fall when a major lockdown started, my bathroom faucet decided it was time to sprout a leak. Well everything was locked down including what we could purchase at stores. We could only buy essentials. So my kitchen sink became multi-purpose. That lockdown turned into an extended lockdown that lasted a few months and by the time things started to open up again, I was used to using the kitchen sink and put off replacing the bathroom faucet. Then lockdown hit again and I found myself at IKEA buying a shelving unit and remembered that I needed a new bathroom faucet. Voila! Now I need to re-train myself to start using the bathroom sink again. LOL.

Take time to play. Usually reading is something I can get lost in, but this time around even books weren’t holding my interest, so I watched a few movies and played some games and that has helped.

Take care of you! Most important and one that encompasses all of the above is taking care of yourself. This means exercise and eating right as well as rest and some indulgences. One thing I find I need when feeling stressed or uninspired is I need take out. Since I usually cook most of my food, a real treat for me is getting something I really enjoy from a restaurant and not having to worry about clean-up.

So what are some ways you tackle the boredom and lack of inspiration?

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(Picture created with Canva)

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