Naming Characters: Nice to meet you!

One thing I find myself doing is keeping track of names I like. There are just some names that I hear, hold on to and wait for the right character to come along and claim it!

Some of my favourite names have found their characters as they are a part of manuscripts in progress. One series that I’m working on is set in an elven world separated into realms. There are two POV (Point Of View) characters named Zoe and Phoenix. I won’t give away any spoilers but Zoe’s name, which means life, was chosen specifically for her and is tied to her magical ability. Phoenix’s name was a name that just suited the character. It has nothing to do with the mythical bird.

Two fun names in the first book are Dasha and Coco. Both these names are inspired by friends. Dasha is the name of a friend’s daughter who helped inspire the character. The name, however, also means ‘possesses goodness’ which is an attribute of this minor character. Coco is the name of a friend. (Coco is actually her nickname that everyone, including her family, uses.)

And Zoe’s dragons: Chim, Pat and Tupac. The names match the abilities of the dragons. Chim comes from Chimalli which means ‘shield’. The creature is fiercely protective of Zoe and creates shields or cloaks to keep her safe when enemies are near. Patli means ‘medicine’ and supports the shortened form Pat. This dragon is known as a healer. She keeps Zoe and those around her healthy and whole. The third dragon’s name is Tupac which means ‘warrior’ and this dragon is as his name implies. He also has the ability to help Zoe fight and inspire her with battle strategies.

I hope you’re getting excited about this series. The first book is being editing, and will come out later this year! (Hopefully this spring.)

(Picture created with Canva)

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