Behind the Scenes: Tully

When I first thought of Tully, I saw this girl who had to wear a cloak, so I started asking questions about who she was and why. Where did she come from? etc… She was a girl who lived a lie, been told a lie and wasn’t allowed to believe any different.

Been there?

I think we all have at some point in our lives. We grow believing things are the way they are because our parents, teachers, friends, society, etc tells us so and we don’t always question it because it’s normal. This is Tully at the beginning of the story–The diseased ward of Mistress Glenna.

As the story unfolds, she learns there’s so much more to her, the stories she’s been led to believe about her identity and the barrier around the Kellan Lowlands. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I won’t go into the story too deeply. But in her journey of discovery, she finds her strength and learns that everything she thought was wrong about her, actually had purpose and intent.

Sound familiar?

How often have we thought a piece of ourselves was ‘wrong’ simply because it didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of society? Yet as we’ve grown and matured, we see our uniqueness is a gift that make us who we are. It is something we alone bring that adds to whatever circumstance we face.

As I wrote Tully, this aspect of her shone through.

As this is the last of my ‘behind the scenes’ look at the major players in Hidden, I wanted to end with a quote from Tully. It’s said near the end of the story when life for everyone, but her, has moved forward.

How am I ever going to go back to normal? I don’t even know what normal is anymore.

Tully Hidden © K. M. Wray

I read this line in December of 2020 when I received my first print copy of the book and tears came to my eyes after all we had faced with Covid19 and the changes that 2020 brought to our world.

In the end, Tully finds her normal and it’s better than she ever imagined! She started the story as a young woman wanting to find a corner of the Kellan Lowlands to hide away. She transforms into a young woman who finds love, purpose and is at peace with her new self and world.

I hope you fall in love with Tully like I have and I hope, like her, you find your wings. And as you search for your new normal in the midst of whatever changes Covid19 has brought to your life, may it be better than before. Believe it my dear adventure seekers!

(Picture created with Canva)

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