Behind the Scenes: Mistress Glenna

Mistress Glenna was a bit of an enigma to write. When I wrote the first draft, she seemed cold and aloof, and it wasn’t until the second round of major revisions that I realized she needed to be a POV character. She held too many secrets for them to be contained through most of the story only to be revealed at the end. As readers discovering the story, we needed an inside peek at what was going on with her.

Without giving away any spoilers, Mistress Glenna remains a pivotal character in Tully’s life and the overall story. Like Bain, she held key secrets around the barrier that was raised around the Kellan Lowlands and she had a deep regret of her own. She lived separate from her husband and son who were on the other side of the barrier and she longed to be united with them.

However, unlike Bain, she had nothing to do with the barrier. She’d simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong child. In her own way, she wanted to right wrongs that had been done to her people, the Kellans, but had gone about it the wrong way.

As the story progresses, we see her deeply care for Tully, a small view of what Tully’s life might have been like if she’d been raised by her parents, and a change from a woman who once manipulated circumstances, to one who played an important role in setting things right.

As I wrote this character, I felt she was a very strong woman. She held to her beliefs and loved others even when treated wrong–that takes character. She learned from her mistakes but didn’t roll over and do nothing. She took an active role in taking positive action. She became a character I admired and I loved her line:

“We didn’t create this mess, but we have a responsibility to deal with it.”

Mistress Glenna Hidden © K. M. Wray

If you’ve read about Mistress Glenna. Please share your thoughts below.

(Picture created with Canva)

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