Behind the Scenes: Haley

Every book has a character who interprets the conflict from a different bent than the rest of the characters. They have objectivity. And as a reader, learning what they know is part of the adventure. Learn more about Haley in today’s blog.

Behind the Scenes: Hidden

When I first wrote Hidden, the entire book was written from one point of view character: Tully. However, in the editing and re-writes, a lot of pieces were missing. As the author, I knew the backstory and what was going on with the other characters, but telling the story from Tully’s perspective alone wasn’t goingContinue reading “Behind the Scenes: Hidden”

What’s Next?!

Hi Everyone, thanks for stopping. And a very happy new year’s wish for you. 2020 was an exciting year as I finally had the time to finish and publish Hidden, a fantasy novel written for anyone who’s ever thought, “everything about me is wrong”! Only to find that our uniqueness has purpose and should beContinue reading “What’s Next?!”