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All I want is to get to grandmother’s house, heal her and find out what really happened the night my parents were killed.

But the elders refuse to let me leave the small town where our tribe lives. My magic is stronger than the rest of our people. This makes the elders protective. They believe there are monsters out there that hunt our kind. And if I leave, the monsters will find me and kill me like they did my parents. Myth and fairy tales if you ask me. And I’m tired of the stories.

So I make a plan. It’s a good plan. A simple plan. And then I meet him. And his kind.

I think I should have listened to the elders.


Why should I care about weak pathetic humans? Yet I do.

It started the day I met the unicorn shifter centuries ago. She offered a chance to restore my humanity, but I wasn’t ready. Something happened to my blood thirst that day and I haven’t drunk from a human since.

And then today, Brie wanders into vampire territory. She’s more human than shifter with a flicker of magic. Such a disgrace to what her clan once was.

My cousin and his family thirst for her blood. My former lover clings to the hope of rekindling what we once were. And I’m stuck with this crazy compulsion to save Brie.

I shouldn’t care. But I do.

The Original a new adult urban fantasy. A fast-paced read full of vampires, unicorn shifters and magic.


All elves have magic. Mine is living magic which is great for helping plants grow.

But when my parents found out, they used me as their lab rat covering my body in tattoos meant to control me. Instead, the tattoos came to life. Their last experiment fractured my magic, so I fled their fortress.

Now I live in secrecy with an odd hermit and a home full of brownies and abandoned children. But when the children are kidnapped and taken to the fortress, I’m forced to face my past and fix my broken magic to rescue them.

And then there’s Nix. I wish he’d stop getting in the way.


My parents, the king and queen of the Twilight Realm, were killed when I was a child. Too young to take the throne, I grew up in obscurity with no desire to become king.

But the regents threaten my sister and terrorize the citizens. I must become king and restore peace to the Twilight Realm. But first, I need convince a certain female elf with knowledge of the fortress and amazing fighting skills to join me.

And maybe she’ll find out I’m not such a bad elf after all. If only she’d stop throwing her daggers at me.

Twilight’s Curse is the first book in the Twilight Realm Trilogy. It is set in a land governed by elves and is a Young Adult fantasy filled with memorable characters, a slow burn clean romance, magic, dragons and fighting.

Books 2 and 3 will be available 2022.

“Tell me, why do you wear the cloak?” Ciaran asked.

Tully willed herself to walk away. But she couldn’t stop thinking about his question. She wore the cloak because Mistress had told her to, because she had a disease… Kellan’s didn’t question their elders, after all. Haley certainly questioned things, but Haley was still a child.

Anger flared inside her. Had Mistress Glenna lied to her all these years?

Tully never considered her life―until now―or the story surrounding the barrier―raised to protect Kellans from the savage race of Arelians. But during the annual celebration, a dark creature is seen hovering in the sky and a voice speaks to her mind.

She’s worn a cloak her whole life to protect others from her skin disease. But the cloak fails in a crowded market every story every myth everything she once believed unravels causing her to question everything she’s been told about herself, the Kellan-Arelian conflict, and the barrier.

Now she’s forced to flee with enigmatic Ciaran who intrigues her in ways no Kellan man ever has. But can she trust him when everyone and everything tells her she shouldn’t?

Hidden is a romantic fantasy for anyone who’s ever felt, ‘everything about me is wrong’. Join Tully who learns that everything she thought was bad was designed with purpose and should be celebrated.

Erin likes her life. It’s simple, uncomplicated and comfortable. But all that is about to change with the arrival of her relatives from the Korean side of the family. They speak a language and have customs she doesn’t understand and what’s the big deal with Kimchi? Suddenly it available for every meal including breakfast!

And then there’s this mysterious abandoned property she stumbled onto that calls to her. She can’t stay away and isn’t sure she wants to, particularly when it empowered her with magic that helps her control time. Perhaps, this is exactly what she needs to help her with her relatives and the bullies at school who’ve taken an interest in her.

Breaking Enchantment is a young adult fantasy book. Join Erin on her journey filled with discovery and enchantments as she battles a far greater threat tied to the ancient magic threatening more than her simple, uncomplicated and comfortable life.

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At this time, Twilight’s Curse and Hidden are available in both print and ebook copies through Amazon.

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