Book Review: Crimson Born -Amy Patrick

This book had a great premise. The main character is an Amish girl on her Rumspringa (the time Amish young people have to experience the ‘English’ world and decide if they will remain on the colony or leave it.) While returning home from a party, her buggy is hit by an approaching car and she’s on the side of the road dying but is spared by a vampire.

Oh it sounded interesting and free, so I downloaded it. The book was well-written and kept my attention. I wanted to know what would happen next and how things would work out for the main character. And it was a good but average read.

Where the book fell a bit flat for me is the whole Amish side and the girl’s lack of reaction to her change in life circumstances was poorly done. The exciting premise didn’t show the girl’s struggle with being forced to leave her community, her father uncaringly dropping her off and telling her never to return because of her change or even any struggle with the girl entering her new life. There wasn’t even much of a struggle around her drinking blood.

The author did seem to have a passing knowledge of Amish culture, so she probably did some research. I think the book would have been more interesting if the girl hadn’t come from an Amish background though because that really set an expectation for some exciting plot and conflict opportunities.

The book is still free on Amazon, so I encourage you to give it a read and let me know your thoughts. Get your free copy here: Crimson Born

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